Neutral Bay Family Dental

116 Military Road,  Neutral Bay, NSW 2089,  02 9908 4028
Within the Neutral Bay Medical Centre

Our team works together to provide personalized ongoing dental care in a friendly and professional manner with modern equipment and technology

Dr. Lynette Lim - Dentist

Dr Lynette has been treating patients in Sydney as a dentist for over 15 years. She graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand, to initially take up a position as a dental officer at Westmead Center for Oral Health.
She has since worked in various clinics around Sydney including as a volunteer dentist for the cerebral palsy alliance. In 2016 she started Neutral Bay Family dental with the vision to create a welcoming and caring clinic that is committed to long term care and support of patients and their family throughout their lives.

As a dentist, she is a great listener and always puts her patients' oral health and interests first. Dr Lynette understands how most people are anxious about visiting the dentist, especially if they haven't been for a while, so she always does her best to make you feel at ease, with a kind, empathetic and easy going attitude alongside her professionalism. She is also very thorough, particular and detailed in her work, as she wants to provide her patients the highest standard of care. She continues to stay at the forefront of the latest dental innovations and research through ongoing professional development.

Dr. Lynette Lim, our principal dentist

Louis - Oral Health Therapist

Firdaus (Louis) Rosli is an Oral Health Therapist from Singapore where he graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2013 and worked with Health Promotion Board Dental Services. Moving to Australia in 2020, he applied to University of Sydney and graduated with a Bachelor in Oral Health in 2022, further deepening his knowledge and skills in dentistry.

An Oral Health Therapist works together with dentists/specialists to provide quality care for patients and ensure their oral health is healthy and stable. Their scope involves examination, treatments (uncomplicated fillings, managing gum diseases through gum treatment, extraction of baby teeth, orthodontic and implant maintenance) and strong emphasis on preventive dentistry.

Understanding how difficult and scary it is to visit a dental clinic regardless of your age, Louis strives to ensure that you are always at ease and that your worries and concerns are treated with empathy and professionalism. He likes to share joy and laughter, so you can be assured that each dental visit will be a pleasant one.

Louis is committed to ongoing education and professional development to keep his skills and dental knowledge up to date.

Louis, our oral health therapist

Angelica - Dental Assistant

Hi, I'm Angelica! I've been working at Neutral Bay Family Dental as a dental assistant although I am a qualified dentist back in Colombia. I enjoy working at the clinic as Dr Lynette and Louis are just as passionate and crazy about teeth and gums as much as I am!

I am currently doing a dental technician course to improve my knowledge and skills- it helps that we have lots of new technology at the clinic such as a 3d scanner and 3d printer so I can put my learning to use!

Before I started at the clinic I was not confident in speaking english, but with the support änd encouragement of the Neutral Bay Family Dental team and our wonderful patients I have improved so much. The clinic has definitely lived up to its value of creating a friendly environment that cares about its people. I hope you will feel it too when you visit us :-)

Angelica our dental assistant

Snowy - Therapy Dog

Snowy is Dr. Lynette's cute marshmellow with floppy ears and a button nose. You can see her live-antics on our chair iPad whilst getting your dental treament. She loves people, dogs, loose socks, hair ties and even cats!

She often gets up to mischef but is wonderful at brushing her teeth :-) She hopes to be an inspiration to all