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Tooth whitening

Is a simple yet effective way of brightening up a person’s smile.
Whitening is easy to perform, inexpensive and with results that are simple to maintain Long-term.
Teeth whitening is an excellent complement that can elevate the result of other forms of treatment.

Comfort and convenience with take home whitening For most people the option to whiten their teeth in the leisure of their home is appealing. Generally completed over a two week period, the gradual improvement of tooth colour is in the hands of the individual.
This gives the person complete control over the final shade of their teeth and the ability to touch up the colour over time if there is any shift in appearance.

For those that want instant results, there is the option to have your teeth whitened at our practice in a single appointment..
The results are dramatic and completed in under an hour..
You will also be given a take home whitening kit to boost the results following professional whitening and for future maintenance.

Dr. Lynette's Profile Picture By Dr. Lynette Lim