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Custom Mouthguards

Anyone who engages in sport that has a risk of a knock to the face should wear Mouthguard.

It’s easy to take things for granted. Imagine what it would be like if you lost your front tooth or teeth. Talking, smiling and eating would be unpleasant and you could experience painful disfiguring problems that will be expensive to treat. Sport, leisure and recreational activities are among the most common cause of dental injuries. Mouthguards help cushion blows that would otherwise injure the mouth, teeth and lower jaw. Even if you currently are having orthodontic treatment you still need to protect your teeth. Mouthguards are for people of all ages especially children as their teeth and mouth develop they may require new mouthguards quite frequently for adequate protection. We provide non expensive mouthguards made out of premium materials as we really want to help protect your teeth.

The best Mouthguards are custom made for you by your Dentist, this will provide the best protection and be most suited to your needs. It will be comfortable, stable and will not restrict your breathing. It takes just two short appointments. First appointment we will take impressions of your teeth. Then we make your Mouthguard in our lab. It will be ready for you the next day, you come in pick it up and try it on. We will make sure it’s comfortable and well fitted, give you advice on how to look after it you are ready to go. When you have your regular check-up and clean bring your mouthguard with you so we can check it too ;)

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